Import and Export Schedule

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Import and Export Schedule (v5.2+)

The Import and Export Schedule feature lets you export a schedule from one computer and import into a second computer.  This feature means that you can set up a schedule for a service on your home computer beforehand and then use that ready-made schedule at church.

Set Export and Import

  1. On your first computer create your schedule with all the items you require, eg. database items, Bible passages, slideshow, etc.
  2. Use the export schedule option to generate an export zip file which contains all the necessary items to run a live show on a second computer with easyslides 5.2.
  3. Copy the generated zip file to the second computer which has easyslides 5.2.
  4. In on your second computer use the import schedule option (or use drag and drop) to import in the zip file.
  5. You will be prompted to confirm the import with an option to convert any Infoscreens with Bible passages back to Bible items.
  6. On confirmation of import, a new schedule will be created which is a replica of the schedule and all items from your first computer.
  7. You can now run your live show on your second computer.


  • Please note the following when using the export/import schedule function:
  • Database items and Bible passages on the schedule on the first computer are copied to the export zip files as infoscreens.
  • During import, if you had selected the option to convert Infoscreens with Bible passages back to Bible items, the names of the Bibles referenced in the infoscreens must exist on the import computer.
    • For example, if you had a passage from a Bible named “RSV”, the import computer must also have a Bible named “RSV”.  If the named Bible is not present, the Infoscreen is not converted, and will remain as an Infoscreen on the schedule after import.
  • Exported schedules are stored in the folder EasyslidesData\Documents\Packages but you can change the location, eg to a USB, which will be saved for the next use.
  • Imported items are stored in the folder EasyslidesData\Documents\Packages.
  • There might be slight layout differences on the second computer due to items being converted to infoscreens.
  • All items including media files, images, slide shows, etc referenced in the schedule on the first computer are copied to the export zip file.  If you have a lot of large files, the export zip file can get very large and may take time to get generated.
  • Settings such as gap items, display panel, installed fonts, etc. are specific to each computer and therefore you will need to ensure the first and second computer have the same easyslides settings if you want to replicate the live show as exactly as possible.