Easyslides Version 5 Changelog

v5.1.0 (01-Sep-2022)

Issues Fixed
  • When moving a database item to another database, the item was copied but the original item was still in the source database – issue fixed, item is removed from the source database after the move
  • When editing a database item, changing the folder/database and saving the item did not save the item in the new folder/database – issue fixed
  • Repeat checkbox in media settings had no effect during live screen – issue fixed
  • Saving individual template settings did not save all the settings – issue fixed
  • Search Phrase repeated in list of database items during search – issue fixed
  • In Source tab, could not enter subfolders in Documents and Media – issue fixed
  • In Settings, Media folder changes not saved – issue fixed
  • F2, F3, F4 keys did not function properly – issue fixed
  • Usages could not be deleted – issue fixed
  • Rotate Group and Listing not grouped correctly – issue fixed
  • Move/delete remove author with leading/trialling spaces problem – issue fixed
  • Move easyslides data folder location can bring up a error when moving to a route directory – issue fixed
  • Confidence Monitor sidebar font sizes not saved – issue fixed
  • Text in dual regions sometimes overflows beyond screen – issue fixed
  • ** the individual settings templates default folder has been relocated from
    • \Admin\Templates\Schedules 
    • to \Admin\Templates\Individuals
    • You will need to manually copy or move the files to the relocated folder to use them.
  • Publisher uploading facilities no longer available
  • New font shadow depth and font outline width options
  • New default template settings for new schedules and booklets
  • Image subfolders can be removed permanently if desired
  • Usages functionality enhanced
  • Region 2 Bible dropdown can be disabled in the main window
  • Subtitle functionality enhanced
  • Database searches will display the associated databases
  • General alert functionality enhanced
  • New Slide Show thumbnails – for performance reasons, maximum images in a slide show is set to 100
  • Repositioning of some tabs and new New Adhoc Bibles tab added on Main Screen
  • Option to select the default user profile or a shared user profile
  • Optional template for each Bible
  • Rotation and Media playback functions enhanced
  • Additional formatting for CCLI compliance
  • New option to convert pasted in SongSelect layout style lyrics in Edit Item and Infoscreen
  • Additional option to display slideshow by created date
  • Import Opensong, OpenLP, and SongSelect Text files
  • New Controller Option from a network multicast PC
  • New headings available: PreChorus 3, PreChorus 4, Chorus 3, Chorus 4, Bridge 3, Bridge 4, Tag, Intro
  • New Powerpoint integration
  • Built in safety margin reduced so that text can reach closer to the edge of screen. With some fonts, the text may go beyond the screen – this is a feature and to adjust, increase left/right margins.

v5.0.1 (23-Jan-2021)

Issues Fixed
  • Items with media background migrated from easislides v4 can sometimes cause easyslides to crash – issue fixed
  • Manage Schedules Load Template not functioning properly – issue fixed
  • System crashes when total number of images in the image folder reaches a certain point – issue fixed
  • Under certain circumstances Infoscreen containing the es4 “Writer” heading can cause easyslides to suspend – issue fixed
  • Searching for Cyrillic characters or non-ASCII language was case-sensitive only – issue fixed with case-insensitive search for all UNICODE characters
  • New background image stretch option and new image subfolders to hold default center and stretch images
  • New option to change font shadow colour and font outline colour
  • New optional numbering and password for schedules published at easyslides.com
  • Display Panel Settings available in Manage Schedules
  • Navigation of slides in single monitor mode now replicates to confidence monitor
  • Display formatting improvements