Powerpoint Integration (v5.1)

Easyslides 5.1 supports the display of Powerpoint slides. You must have Powerpoint software installed on your PC for this integration to work.

Steps to display Powerpoint slides:-

  1. Make sure the Powerpoint file is on a connected drive, ie. not on a USB or a network drive.
  2. Use the mouse to drag and drop the file onto the easyslides schedule.
  3. Click on the Powerpoint file on the schedule to see all the slides in the preview pane.
  4. Go Live.
  5. Easyslides will preload all the Powerpoint files on the schedule.
  6. The Microsoft Powerpoint viewer will also open up.
  7. At the Output pane, click the up/down blue arrow to navigate to the Powerpoint presentation you wish to display.
  8. Once the presentation is selected, the first slide of the Powerpoint presentation will be displayed in the Live projected screen, and all the slides will be displayed in the preview area of the output pane.
  9. Click the green down arrow key to go through each slide, or if there are animations on a particular slide, the green down arrow key will invoke each animation in the Live screen.
  10. Once all the animations for a slide are completed, clicking the down green arrow will move to the next slide.
  11. If you wish, you can also use the Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer to navigate through the slides/animations, but using it will mean the slides will become out of step with easyslides.
  12. When you end the Live Screen, all the preloaded Powerpoint presentations and the Powerpoint viewer will close.

Important Notes:-

  1. There must be a full version of Powerpoint installed on the same PC as easyslides 5.1. The free Microsoft Powerpoint viewer (which Microsoft retired in 2018) is NOT supported.
  2. All the Powerpoint presentations you wish to display must be on the schedule before you go Live.
  3. Easyslides uses Powerpoint interop v15.0.4420.1017 which Microsoft has not updated since 2016. It means there could be compatibility issues between it and later versions of Powerpoint.
  4. This integration is provided for your convenience but for complex presentations, it may be best to run them through Microsoft Powerpoint outside of easyslides.
  5. If the Powerpoint displays incorrectly (size or location) in the Easyslides Live Show, you have two options to correct it:-
    1. Option 1 – Fix in Windows
      1. Stop Live Show in Easyslides
      2. Go to Windows Desktop->right click->Display Settings
      3. Click on the monitor image which Powerpoint show is output on
      4. Go to Scroll and Layout (Windows 10) or Scale (Windows 11) and change to 100%, 125%, 150% or 175%
      5. Go back to Easyslides and Go Live
      6. If the Powerpoint still displays incorrectly, repeat from step 1 and change to a different setting in step 4
    2. Option 2 – Fix in Easyslides
      1. Stop Live Show in Easyslides
      2. Easyslides Menu->General Settings->click on the Show Tab->change the value of  “Calibrate Powerpoint Display Size”
      3. Click OK.
      4. Go Live
      5. If the Powerpoint still displays incorrectly, repeat from step 1 and change to a different setting in step 2