Download Easyslides v5

1st September 2022 – v5.1 (see changelog)

System Requirements:

    • Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, 10, 11
    • 4 GB memory minimum
    • Sold State Drive preferable

Important: A new Tag heading means that the shortcut and sequence ‘t’ for Chorus 2 will now be used for Tag, and Chorus 2 will use ‘d’ instead.  You don’t need to do anything as Easyslides will adjust automatically when an affected item is displayed.  For users upgrading from v5.0.1 to v5.1 please be aware that the multicast tab has been relocated from the output pane to the middle pane.

Download and Install Easyslides 5:

  1. Close easyslides 5 on your PC (if you already have a previous version 5 installed).
  2. If you have a PC with easislides v4 and want to migrate and install easyslides v5 on another PC, follow Note 1 below first.
  3. Click here to download easyslides 5.
  4. You may get a security warning about downloading the installation file. You can be rest assured that easyslides does not contain any harmful code.
  5. Once the file is downloaded, run it to install easyslides 5.
  6. If Windows Defender gives a security warning, click on ‘More info’ and then ‘Run anyway’.
  7. When installation finishes, easyslides 5 will start. See Notes below on the next steps.


1. If you have a PC with easislides v4 and want to migrate its data to easyslides v5 on another PC:

  1. Before downloading and installing easyslides v5, do the following first.
  2. At the first PC which has easislides v4, copy the folder c:\easislides to a USB stick.
  3. Plug the USB stick into the second PC (which you want to run easyslides 5) and copy the “easislides” folder from the USB stick to c:\easislides on the second PC.
  4. At the second PC (which you want to install easyslides v5), follow the instructions above under “Download and Install Easyslides 5”.

2. If you have easislides v4 on your PC:

  1. When easyslides 5 first starts, it will inform you that easislides v4 data will be converted to v5 format and that a new EasySlidesData folder will be created in My Documents.
  2. Click OK to proceed.
  3. Easyslides 5 will start to convert your easislides v4 database and Bibles into easyslides v5 format.  Your existing easislides v4 will be kept intact.
  4. Depending on the spec of your computer, the number of bibles and the amount of lyrics in v4, the conversion will take from a few seconds to a few minutes to complete.
  5. When the conversion completes, easyslides 5 main window will open and you can start using it right away.

3. If you didn’t have easislides v4 on your PC:

  1. Easyslides 5 comes with some public domain lyrics and Bibles which you can use straight away when easyslides 5 opens.

4. If you want to re-run the easislides v4 to easyslides v5 conversion:

  1. If so wished, you can re-run the conversion from v4 to v5 again so long as you haven’t deleted the original easislides v4 folder at c:\easislides.
  2. To do so, close easyslides 5 first.
  3. Delete or rename the folder EasySlidesData in My Documents to something else.
  4. Start easyslides 5 and you will be given a number of options.
  5. Choose convert easislides v4 to Easyslides 5.
  6. Click OK and easyslides will start the conversion.

5. Name/Concept Changes in easyslides v5

  • Lyrics folder is now known as database
  • A particular song in the folder is now called an item
  • Worship List is now known as Schedule
  • Praisebook is now known as Booklet
  • Lyrics Monitor is now known as Confidence Monitor
  • Powerpoint is NOT supported in easyslides v5

If you have any issues or problems, please raise them at the easyslides forum.