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    Hi HK,
    Is it possible to have 2 instances of Easyslides v5 loaded/created on a PC/laptop under one user profile?
    e.g. I have the EasyslidesData folder saved to a USB drive so that I can add / edit songs, etc at home & then take it church on Sundays ready loaded with that Sundays schedule, but if someone else is on the PC & doesn’t have the USB drive, when they start ES it wants to set up a new EasyslidesData folder (even tough I have created a copy of the folder on a local data drive.)
    So is it possible to create 2 ES shortcuts with each pointing to a different program files (x86) so that we can have one instance using the local drive for the databases, etc & the other using an external hardrive/USB stick.
    I tried creating a copy of the easyslides fodler within Program Files (x86) & then creatign a 2nd shortcut to point tot eh exe in theta copy, but both exes want to to use the same EasyslidesData folder, even if I use the “relocate EasyslidesData folder” tool.

    I’m guessing it must require a change in the Regsitry as well or something else
    or can it not be done?

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