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    Please, please, please give us the facility to embed PowerPoint again. And return the facility to set up the backgrounds and parameters of each Slide schedule like it was in EasiSlides 4 – always having to copy an old Schedule is a poor substitute.
    If these facilities are not going to be returned, please can we have a system to allow us to revert to EasiSlides 4

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    Hi Solong,

    The problem with Powerpoint support is MicroSoft, not EasySlides development. It’s no longer supported .
    The trick to bypass it, is simple:

    Open your PPT and export it as JPG: You end up with a directory
    with the name of your PPT and contents are Slide1.jpg etc.

    You can drag this folder directly into the schedule, or use the new lowest button at the side of the schedule pane. Right click on it in order te set transistion, sequence and timing.

    That’s all: Now you have a smooth Presentation, without all the screen flickers caused by the PPT engine in the past.


    Good luck


    Does this allow animations within slides to be incorporated?
    e.g. words or images being reveiled on a slide/s?


    Animations in a JPG??
    Not possible.

    What you can do is use the image transition for that purpose and split one animated slide in multiple images.

    Or switch EasySlides temporarely out the life mode an use powerpoint for these complex presentations.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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