Import SongSelect Lyrics

Knowledge Base (beta)

Import SongSelect Lyrics (v5.1+)

Easyslides can import SongSelect lyrics text files download from the SongSelect website. Please note that SongSelect chords layout is not supported.

Method 1 – Import SongSelect lyrics text files

  1. At the SongSelect website, for each of the lyrics you want, select the download option to download as a text file.
  2. Place all your downloaded text files into one Windows folder.
  3. For v5.1: In easyslides 5 menu, select Tools->Import.
  4. For v5.2+: In easyslides 5 menu, select Tools->Import Databases and Files.
  5. When the Import window appears, select the tab “Import Multiple Files”.
  6. Click the folder icon at ‘1’, locate and select the Windows folder which contains the downloaded files you wish to import.
  7. At ‘2’, select the database you wish to import the items into.
  8. Click Import.
  9. You will be informed if the import is successful. Note the imported database name and navigate to it when you exit out of import

Method 2 – Use editor and paste the lyrics

  1. At the SongSelect website, find the lyrics you want and when it is displayed on screen, select all the contents and copy the text (right mouse->copy).
  2. In easyslides 5 menu, click the button to create a new database item.
  3. When the Editor opens, paste in the copied contents into region 1.
  4. From the Editor Toolbar at the top of the editor window, click the SongSelect button (the button with the letter “S” to the left of the Font Name selection box).
  5. The contents in region 1 will be converted to Easyslides format.  The title, author and copyright fields will also be filled with the relevant data.
  6. Click Save to save the lyrics ,and repeat from Step 1 above for another lyrics.