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    I’ve tried moving songs between databases within the “Edit Database Item” screen but, having selected the new database, when I select the save and exit icon the song remains in its original database.


    Looks like a bug in Easyslides5. I will fix it in the next update. In the mean time, you can use menu option Edit->Copy to copy an item to a new database.


    Yesterday I tried moving songs using the Move icon on the menu. It seemed to create a copy rather than moving the song. I then tried deleting the original song and it appeared to delete the new copy.


    Hi. I have replicated the issue with the original item not removed from the database. I will get that fixed in 5.0.2. When I delete the original, it is the original which is deleted though, not the new copy. Could you try again? Thanks


    Hi am new here but have a question. I want to save the songs that are on an old pc running easyslides 4 on to a usb and then load them onto a new pc with easyslides 5. is this do-able and if so, how? Also, is there a spanish language pack? If you could let me know that would be great. Thanks


    IF you;re building a new pc, then the easiest way is FIRST to copy the easislidesdata folder to your new PC.
    Then copy the file InitialConfig.xml from C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\EasiSlides to the new pc
    Edit the file to reflect the location of the copied easislidesdata folder on the new pc:

    If you already did an installation of ES5 , uninstall it and then remove the folder
    C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\EasYSlides (note: Easy… not easi…. folder )

    Now start the ‘fresh’ installation of ES 5 and all your songbooks and bibles will be converted properly.

    Re. Spanish translation: You can help by starting a language file: In the menu, tools an option exists’ export language file’ You can work on it and mail the result.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Wk,
    I’ve noticed with the copy item, it will copy one item to a new DB, but if I try to copy another item it won’t copy it; I have to close Easyslides, relaunch, refind the next song, then copy it.
    I’m having to copy multiple items each week at the moment as we are using mp3s to go with words, & then setting up the timed sequences for each song & changing how each song is made up, etc, storing them in a different song DB so it has different settings (font, size etc,
    this is so I don’t change the original DB item, as we will eventually go back to normal use.
    so you can imagine this is a bit of a pain to have to shut it down after copying one song & relaunch ES


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