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    Bug 1. When putting a few verses from a bible into the schedule they show up as just those verses in the preview screen, however if you use the ‘next screen {green}’ arrow on the Live screen to go to a second or subsequent screen on the required text, it is possible to simply keep going through and displaying all the verses beyond the range called for, it is even possible to keep going into subsequent chapters.
    Bug 2. When entering a new item into a database, the only way to see that new item is to shut down Easislides completely and restart it


    Hi Solong,

    Bug 1 is in fact a very nice feature: In real life, it happens a couple of times a year, that a lector reads more verses then was asked for. In such a case you can just continue and follow the lector.

    Bug2: After entering a new item into a data base , it should be enough to switch to another database (songbook) and then back. Your new item will now be visible



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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