Import Lyrics in Text or Word Files (v5.1 only)

If you have typed up lyrics in text files, or in Word documents using the SongSelect lyrics format, you can import those files into easyslides

  1. Ensure each file contains just one song lyrics using the following format:-
    • First line (optional): title, followed by a bank line. If there is no blank line after the title line, easyslides will assume the first line is part of the contents. If there is no title, the filename will be used as the title.
    • Use the following keywords for headings, followed by their contents:
      • Verse 1, Verse 2, etc.
      • Chorus, Chorus 2,
      • Pre-Chorus, Pre-Chorus 2,
      • Bridge, Bridge 2,
      • Ending,
      • Intro,
      • Tag
  2. Place all your files into one Windows folder.
  3. In easyslides 5 menu, select Tools->Import.
  4. When the Import window appears, select the tab “Import Multiple Files”.
  5. Click the folder icon at ‘1’, locate and select the Windows folder which contains the files you wish to import.
  6. At ‘2’, select the database you wish to import the items into.
  7. Click Import.
  8. You will be informed if the import is successful. Note the imported database name and navigate to it when you exit out of import