Easyslides Version 5 is packed full of features and here are some of them:-

Dual-Lingual Texts
  • Project lyrics and texts in two different languages at the same time, should you have such lyrics and texts in your database, for multi-lingual services.
  • Can also project Bibles verse in two different languages at the same time, or display two different versions of the Bible at the same time.
Multimedia Support
  • Play audio, video or an attached video camera/webcam as background with text overlay.
Booklet Generator
  • Easily generate your own booklets for praise, prayer, etc.
Multiple Confidence Monitor Outputs
  • Supports up to 4 output monitors, in any size or ratios, if you PC has such number of output devices.
  • One output can be used for the main projection.
  • The remaining three outputs can be individually tailored for:-
    • subtitled output
      • can be used to feed a video mixture for camera/text overlay.
      • option to adjust background, font colour, font size and vertical alignment.
    • detailed output
      • can be for the pulpit, worship leader, musicians, choirs, etc.
      • option to adjust background, font colour, font size and vertical alignment.
      • option to display notations or chords for musicians if you have such lyrics typed up.
      • option to adjust layout to show main item text, current schedule, next item’s texts and chat messages from the easyslides operator.
      • option to see the whole verse rather than waiting for screen by screen scroll.
Html Generator
  • Produce all the necessary files to publish all the lyrics on your church website.
  • Add notations, such as guitar chords to the lyrics.
  • Display them on main screen or via the confidence monitors.
Auto Rotate
  • Let the slides rotate automatically using timers, in step with a media file.
  • Show subtitle alerts or messages.
  • Show full screen message, for example ad-hoc announcements.
  • Easyslides 5 uses MyBible Sqlite and Zefania format Bibles which means you have a wide range of Bibles to choose from on the internet.
  • Search easily via the search box. As you start to type in a book title easyslides will detect the Bible book and display it right away, eg. 1 Pet 3:3-7.
  • During a display, when you have reached the end of the passage, the next slide key will advance to the next verse. Useful if the speaker wants to read on further than the passage you had set up.  Similarly, the previous slide key will go back to a previous verse.
  • Dual version support to display two Bible versions or two Bibles in different languages at the same time.
  • Dual display layout can be top/bottom, interlace of left/right.
  • Format your text and position your lyrics.
  • Dual display layout can be top/bottom, interlace of left/right.
  • ‘As Region 2’ feature lets you highlight particular text so that it displays in the colour, bold, italics and underline of region 2. Useful for the display of liturgies.
  • A frontpage option lets you filter certain infoscreens for display before the service, eg. with a countdown timer to a service.
  • Clock function to show time or countdown to start of service.
  • Integration with Infoscreen and database to mix with displayed texts.
  • Size, colour, position, transparency can be set.
  • Three adjustable preset options for quick display.
Relocate Data Folder
  • Move the easyslides to a different location or to a network drive so that it can be shared.
  • Option to link to a database on your local NAS.
  • Multicast let you broadcast to other computers on your LAN.
  • The receiving Windows PC/laptop can receive the Live Screen or confidence monitor output. Video and audio streaming not supported though  Note that this puts on an additional load on your computer and also on your LAN bandwidth.
  • Easyslides on Android, when available, will also be able to receive the Live Screen.
Slide Show
  • Easily add a Slide Show for display.  Just add a folder containing the images to the schedule.
  • When Live, all the images contained in the selected folder, including subfolders will be displayed (There is a set maximum limit on the number of images to be displayed to conserve computing resources).
  • Image transition style, display order and time gap between images can be customised.
CCLI Compliance
  • Display of copyright information in compliance with CCLI format
  • Database items on your schedule which you used for a service can be added to Usages, so that the collated data can be produced for reporting to CCLI.
  • Integration with Powerpoint slides. You must have Powerpoint software installed on your PC for this integration to work.
Import Opensong, OpenLP and SongSelect Text Files
  • If Opensong or OpenLP are on the same PC as easyslides 5.1, easyslides can import their lyrics directly for use in easyslides.
  • If Opensong or OpenLP are different PCs, just copy their files to a USB and then import them into easyslides 5.1.
  • Download SongSelect text-formatted lyrics and easily import them into easyslides 5.1