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Getting Started with Easyslides 5.1+

If you have never installed Easyslides before, you will be pleased to know that Easyslides is preloaded with public domain lyrics which means you can start using Easyslides right away after installation.  You can also download other online lyrics from third part site as detailed at Import Lyrics.

Note: Compared to most other Worship projection software, Easyslides is unique in that it supports two text regions which means it can be used in a multi-lingual environment where two different languages need to be displayed, in sync, at the same time.


The main Easyslides window is divided into three main panes:

  • The Source pane is on the left hand side and consists of a top pane and a bottom pane.
    • Top pane – This is where the Easyslides databases, Bibles, Infoscreens, Media items, and other materials are documents are located.
    • Bottom pane – This has two tabs, one is the schedule and the second is the booklet.  The schedule is for gathering and ordering the list of items you are planning to display during a live show.  The booklet is for generating a formatted Wordpad document containing of selected items, such as that for a praise book.
  • The Preview pane is in the middle and displays a preview of the item, both the text and the image, which you had selected in the Source pane.   Use the settings in the Preview pane to change font size, colours, backgrounds, etc.  The multicast tab is also located in the Preview pane and it allows you to broadcast your live show (excluding videos and sound) to another Windows device running Easyslides.
  • The Output pane right hand side pane is known as the Output pane and it displays the current for output.  The Output pane item will show how an item will look when it is live.  The Output pane also has the following tabs:-
    • Clock tab – for displaying the current time, or a countdown time
    • Frontpage tab – for displaying an infoscreen which could be a welcome page with a countdown clock, or for displaying announcements
    • Bible tab – For displaying ad-hoc Bible pages during a service
    • Messages tab – for displaying full screen messages, a general message is an area of the screen, or a prefix message (using a stored prefix text) in an area of the screen.  There is also a messaging option to send a message to stage displays.
    • Rotate tab – for controlling auto rotate items.
    • Data Panel tab – for controlling information such as item Title, Copyright, etc at the bottom of the screen.

Steps in Getting a Live Show together

  1. From the Source pane top pane, select the item, Bible passage or Media you want to display during a live show.  After selecting the item, click the red down arrow button at the schedule to add the item to the schedule. Repeat for other items you want to display during a live show.
  2. Rearrange the items on the schedule using the up/down arrow keys beside the schedule as desired.
  3. Change formatting for an item on the schedule by clicking that item on the schedule and:-
    • optional: at the images tab in the Preview tab, click on an image you want so that it becomes the background image for that item
    • optional: at the settings tab, enable the “use individual settings” checkbox so that you can change the settings for the item.
    • optional: you can also add media to the item by clicking the media button in the settings.
  4. Repeat above step 3 for all the other items on the schedule and re-order the items in the order you want during the event.
  5. To go live with the schedule, do one of the following:
    1. At the schedule, click on the item you want to go live, then click the Red Right Arrow at the top of the Preview Pane to move it to the Output Pane. Then click the Live button at the Output pane.
    2. At the schedule, click on the item you want to go live, then click the Live button in the Preview pane
    3. At the schedule, double click on the item you want to go live, and Easyslides will start the Live Show with that item
    4. To move from slide to slide for the item, use the following at the output pane:-
      1. click the green up/down arrow keys
      2. click the shortcut verse/chorus keys
      3. click the text in the output text area
    5. To move between items on the schedule,
      1. use the blue arrow keys at the output pane
      2. double click the item you want to go live on the schedule
  6. To end a Live show, click the Live button at the Output Pane.