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    At the moment we are creating a lot of sequenced songs with a corresponding mp3, most of the time these work & play fine, but for some we find that once the “song” has been played LIVE, if we go to play it again the it doesn’t start or the sequence will start but not the mp3.
    It happens when testing the songs to make sure the timings are right or on Sundays when we would do a preservice run through to check everything is ok on screen & timings (PC clocks always run different to each other!) & then go to play it in the service & it won’t play! We have to close & reopen Easyslides.
    It not all songs & not always the same song, it could be the PC but I can’t see a pattern to why we get a failure. we set a background image to the song as well, so not sure if they coudl eb causign a problem
    just thought I’d report it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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