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    Andrew Charlton@39

    Will power point be added to Beta V5, I was using the older version and have a lot of power point presentation slides we use for prayers and communion.



    Hi Andrew

    I am sorry but Powerpoint is not supported in v5. The Microsoft COM interop file which easyslides uses has not been updated by Microsoft since 2007. This means newer version powerpoint slides will not be displayed properly, with transitions not working and timings off. It just wasn’t reliable enough and therefore I removed the functionality from v5.

    If you don’t have powerpoint software, Microsoft provides a free online version. You can view and edit powerpoint files, so long as you have a Microsoft account which is free. Details are at:-



    Hi Andrew,

    We are using this workaroud:

    You can export a PPT to JPG. The result is a directory with a stack of JPG files.

    In EasySlides 5b6 it is now possible to drag this directory, direct from Windows explorer into the schedule.
    If you then ‘right click’ on it (edit), you can set transistion, timing and sequence.

    A very good alternative way to present PPT files.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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