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    At the moement due to the pandemic I’m using the Generate RTF Document every week to create the song sheet for our congregation wot sing along to at home.
    A couple of things with “Generate RTF Document”, one I think might be a bug I’ve discovered (or it might be designed to be like this now) & the 2nd a question about it.
    We’ve always named our “Schedules” using the date of the service e.g. 31-01-2021, When I’ve used the tool it generates the RTF document okay, but I’ve discovered if I close the docuement & click Generate again, it changes the file name, e.g to 31-01-2022, if I close the document & generate it again its 31-01-2023, and so on. – when the song sheet went out to the congregation last week, I got asked if I was forward planning for next year!

    I’ve tested it on a schedule without numbers in the title e.g “Today” & in that siutaion it adds -1, -2 on the end e.g Today-1.
    I checked Easislides v4 & it didn’t do that, it ajust overwrote the original file.
    As the file name is incremented, this of course means additional files are being saved in the Output folder as well.
    Is this a bug or meant to happen?

    My question is 2 part about the setup options for generating the docuemnt and the template docuemnt itself:
    1. Is it possible to save the setup options – Font sizes, ticked show details, etc? so they don’t have to be changed every time?
    2. In teh docuemnt itself, Every week I find I have to change the margins, etc on the document to reduce the number of pages/sides…Is there a way to amend the RTF templates default layout – margins, columns header/footer size, & save it as a defualt template like you can save a “default template” for Word?
    (I always meant to ask about that with v4)



    Thanks for your reporting your issues.

    Naming or RTD Documents – What you are seeing is by design. In v4, after generating a document, the documents opens. If you try to generate again, the generation will fail if that original generated document is still open. With v5, if the document is still open, the new generation won’t fail because a new document with an amended schedule name (increment by one number) is created. In your situation v5 incremented the file name, which is numeric, by one numeric number! I will update v5.0.2 so that the increment is by parenthesis instead, eg (1), (2), etc.

    Is it possible to save the setup options, font sizes, etc – The setup should be saved every time you generate. I have added some additional settings in v5.0.2 and all settings will be saved.

    Save the default template – Margins will be implemented in v5.0.2. Saving as a template is via the schedule. When you change settings to generate a document, those settings are saved to the current selected schedule. In v.5.0.2 there will be a default schedule template option which you can save to as default settings, which include your generated document settings with margins, etc.


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    Thansk WK,
    I look forward to testing the additions 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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