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    Hi WK,
    Its great news that ES 5.0 is live, many, many thanks for yours (& amybe others) tireless work in keeping in going on this project & getting ES 5.0 live, big round of applause…
    Our church has been a user of ES 4 since 2008, its never let us down (apart from user or PC error), in these strange times I’ve evn been able to use it to record videos of songs (screen capture) using sequenced words to an mp3 track & a background…shame it couldn’t do both an mp3 & mp4 at the same time.

    I’ve had a play with ES 5.0 & have some questions about default setups…one of the good things with ES4.0 was that you could set & save a “default layout” – background, font colour, transition, display panel, etc. We had it set to just show the copyright info ion first slide, making it so easy for our operatives to just pick the songs & go, no extra settign up (unless words didn’t fit or new backgroud, etc)
    From what I’ve seen in ES 5.0 you can’t do that now…every time a new “Schedule” is created, this all has to be set up, first in the “Manage schedule” & then in the Live section under Data Panel.
    Is that correct or have I missed something?
    I can see its useful if you want to change settings, but seems to now add some extra steps that weren’t needed before.
    I see in the Manage Schedules, there is Load & Save templates, but what does this do?
    Is there a way to set the data panel as I described above?

    Its great that ES 5.0 is 16:9, & that it can centre or best fit an image, as we have been ES4 for so many years, all most of our saved images are 4:3…I’ve had a look at some images & some do work ok, but if I chose best fit, some are cropped too much at the top & bottom, is there a way to atretch as well without losing the top & bottom?
    And Merry Christmas to all
    Jim (Montyb)

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    Hi Jim

    Thank you for your very encouraging words!!

    There is no default template settings but you can achieve something similar by creating a new schedule based on a current schedule which has the settings you want. To do this:
    – Manage Schedules
    – select the schedule which has the settings you want
    – click “Copy To”
    – enter the name for the new schedule and click save
    – click apply
    – The new schedule will have all the settings based on the schedule you had copied from.

    In the Manage Schedules, the Load & Save templates is to allow you to Load settings from a template and apply to the current selected schedule. So in Manage schedule, select a schedule, then load a template will apply the settings from the loaded template to the selected schedule. However, there appears to be a bug which is preventing it from working fully. I will fix that in the next update. The “saved as” option is to save the current schedule settings to a template file which you can then use to apply to a schedule.

    I will explore the option to add a a “stretch” option for images so that a image can be stretched to fill a screen without keeping the aspect ratio.


    Wai Kuen


    Thanks for the reply WK, I didn’t expect anything over Christmas.
    Is there a way to default set the “Display panel settings” like we could in ES 4.05?
    or should this also work with the “load template” as you’ve explained above.

    Something else I’ve spotted, mp3 tracks same as title don’t have the # next to them in the DB lists like they did in ES 4.05…the # does appear in the schedule list.
    Also, when I am in Manage schedules & click on the “Media” button, choose “Play MEdia File Based on title (if any)”, click OK, then Apply, I get an error message “Unhandled exception has occured in your application….The path is not a legal form.”
    If I click continue, ES 5.0 will contunie working, but after I close it & try to reopen it get “the path is not a legal form” & it won’t reopen at all”…had to uninstall / reinstall one time. sorry.



    Hi Jim

    Display Panel Settings – When you load a template, the display panel settings will be copied as well. As per your suggestion, I will also add the default Display Panel Settings to the Manage Schedules form for the next update.

    <#> symbol – Yes the indicator was removed from Beta 3 onwards to improve the startup speed of ES5. I will do some tests to see if the indicator can be added back in without affecting the startup speed too much.

    Media Issue – There was an issue when the worship lists of ES4 was converted to ES5 for items with media links. This will be sorted in in the next update. You can create new schedules which won’t get the error.

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