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    Should the Confidence Monitor Outputs be able to output a media file as well? e.g. a video file the same as the LIVE monitor.

    I’ve discovered our church PC has a hidden Display port on its motherboard :-), I’ve tested it & I can now output to 3 monitors/screens (2 DP & 1 VGA);
    The set up at the moment is, the PC outputs to a small VGA monitor & 2 projectors via DP-HDMI cable to a HDMI 4×4 Matrix (HDMI over Cat5 distribution) I then take a feed to a BM Mini Pro video mixer from a HDMI 4×4 matrix (HDMI output), but I think due to the current primary screen beign VGA & the projectors being DVI, the MIni Pro doesn’t always like the resolution & its started flashing.
    So I was thinking maybe I could use the 2nd DP to output direct to the Mini Pro (DP-HDMI), but when I tested the confidence monitor it didn’t show the video file I was running on the live screen, despie ticking “background as live show”

    Is this how its meant to work or a bug?
    Audio not a problem as that is coming from the PA.



    Hi Jim

    Sorry for the long delay in replying. It is not possible to send the video output to the second output because of the resources required on your PC to output two videos, and also it will be very difficult to sync the two video outputs.



    Our PC has 5 monitor outputs (1 primary and 4 extended monitor displays). Currently, the setup in our church is as follows:
    Live Screen (Secondary 1 monitor) outputs to projector.
    Stage display 1 (Secondary 2 monitor) outputs to another computer for Live Streaming. Subtitle mode
    Stage display 2 (Secondary 3 monitor) outputs to another TV monitor for lyrics. Grid mode

    Would it be possible to make use of the Stage display 3 as another Live Screen, separately from the other one (Secondary 1 monitor)? Since I still have 1 more extended monitor (Secondary 4 monitor). However, the options are only either Subtitle or Grid modes. And there isn’t an option for a Secondary 4 monitor.

    Although there is an option of ‘Custom:’ under Location drop down menu. I wonder if this can be used?

    Would appreciate any help with these.



    The stage display can replicate a near live display. However, video output is not supported and the bottom display panel details are not shown.

    To replicate a near live screen, do this:-
    1. Select the Stage Display you want to use in General Settings
    2. For location, select the secondary monitor you want, or use custom to set your own custom co-ordinates for output.
    3. Select Subtitle Mode.
    4. Untick all the subtitle Mode checkboxes and click OK.
    5. Go Live

    The layout will not always be as exactly as the live output because font adjustments are calculated separately from the live screen. However, in most cases, the output will be very similar to the live output.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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