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    Should the Confidence Monitor Outputs be able to output a media file as well? e.g. a video file the same as the LIVE monitor.

    I’ve discovered our church PC has a hidden Display port on its motherboard :-), I’ve tested it & I can now output to 3 monitors/screens (2 DP & 1 VGA);
    The set up at the moment is, the PC outputs to a small VGA monitor & 2 projectors via DP-HDMI cable to a HDMI 4×4 Matrix (HDMI over Cat5 distribution) I then take a feed to a BM Mini Pro video mixer from a HDMI 4×4 matrix (HDMI output), but I think due to the current primary screen beign VGA & the projectors being DVI, the MIni Pro doesn’t always like the resolution & its started flashing.
    So I was thinking maybe I could use the 2nd DP to output direct to the Mini Pro (DP-HDMI), but when I tested the confidence monitor it didn’t show the video file I was running on the live screen, despie ticking “background as live show”

    Is this how its meant to work or a bug?
    Audio not a problem as that is coming from the PA.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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