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    I’ve been using EasySlides since years and very love it, when Easyslide 5 come I’m in love with it’s capability of coverting bibles from many database, but I also has many cons using version 5.
    1. I cannot use F2 or F3 to blank screen or clear text, screen just flashing. But when i click blank icon it works.
    2. I’m a bit confused with the new layout, what if we could personalize our own layout.
    3. Video background on second monitor not stretched fit, so when small video displayed only at small size not like the old version.
    4. Converting song database from old version not inclued song numbering


    Thanks for raising the issues. I shall look into 1,3,4.

    Regarding 2 – I think it will be confusing to allow customisation. If it helps, if you don’t use some of the tabs on the main window you can click and re-arrange them so that only the ones you use will be displayed first on start up.


    There is no option to force widescreen/ stretch video background to fit screen on secondary monitor. Could this be added on update please.


    I will have a look and see if it can be implemented.


    Hi WK,
    I’ve found with some videos, if I don’t have “Enable Auto Rotate” ticked, the video doesn’t fill the screen, but if I tick “Enable Auto Rotate”, the video will change to full screen, I’ve got some images if I can send you them?
    I’m not sure if its intentional to do that, accidental or a bug.


    could you please tell me where is that option, because this video not automatic stretch problem makes me never use any video background anymore.


    Sorry only just seen your question.
    The Rotate options are now on a tab in the LIVE screen section (Clock, Frontpage, Alerts, Data panel, Multicast, Rotate)
    There is then a tick box for “Enable Auto Rotate”
    then the same options as in Easyslides v4

    There is also a setting in the General Settings > Main Window, “Rotate Gap (seconds)”, this seems to control how quickly it automatically moves/rotates onto the neext item at the end of a video, though I found it also repeated the same video, even without selecting “Auto repeat One Item – Repeat”. We have it set to 30 seconds to stop it replaying the same video.
    hope that helps


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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