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    Hi there

    Congrats on the new release! However, I am having a bit of trouble trying to get the following to work:

    1. Live feed – when I go into the settings and select “live feed” from a webcam, nothing shows up and there’s only a black screen. (I know my webcam works in other apps like OBS, Streamlabs etc.)

    2. Transparent background – is there an option for transparent backgrounds? I am trying to overlay lyrics onto a livestream broadcast in OBS. I currently can get this to work using Chromakey filters in OBS, but would be interested if I can do this without Chromakey filters.

    3. Keyboard shortcuts – in addition to the live monitor, I’ve tried setting up an additional “monitor 1” as a confidence monitor. However, when I use the keyboard shortcuts to move through the slides, the changes only show on the live monitor screen – and not the additional confidence monitor. Is this intentional?

    Thanks very much and again congrats on the new release!


    Hi bernluk, thanks for the feedback. Regarding your queries, assuming you are using v5.0.0:-

    1 Live feed – make sure in the settings, the correct webcam is selected. To start live feed you will need to click LIVE and then click the camcorder icon at the easyslides main window. Camcorder only works on Live screen/projector, not to any other monitors.

    2. Transparent background – All the confidence monitors allow you to select a background colour. So if you want a transparent background, select an appropriate chroma green colour (eg. RGB 0, 177, 64) background for your confidence monitor. The output of the confidence monitor goes to your OBS input. In OBS ensure your chroma key matches your chroma green background. That should give you your text over transparent screen output.

    3. keyboard shortcut – In dual monitor mode, confidence monitor will move through the slides in sync with the live output.


    Hi wk, thanks for the reply! Yes, I am using the latest v5.0.0. I’ve tried out the suggestions above and note:

    1. Live feed – I’ve selected the correct webcam but still am not getting any output (when I click Live and then the camera, it only shows a black screen). Not sure why this is the case…! (I’ve tested with a separate webcam and also get the same black screen.)

    I am wondering if there’s some leftover settings from a previous installation that might be causing some conflicts. To do a clean full remove/reinstall of ES, is there a registry entry that I might also need to delete?

    2. Transparent background – thanks. This is the method I’ve been using at the moment (but was just wondering if there was a way to do it without chroma key – as I get a bit of bleeding at the edges with chroma key).

    3. Keyboard shortcut – this works when my active window is the ES control window. However, if I’ve clicked over to the live monitor, the keyboard shortcuts still work, but will only change the live monitor (and the confidence monitor doesn’t sync anymore).


    hi bernluk

    1. Live feed – I am not sure where the issue is. I have tried various settings and did a number of tests on my system with two different webcams and they all work fine. Could you try showing an item with a video background to see if it works? If you have a laptop with built in webcam could you try easyslides 5 on it to see if it works – if so, try connecting your usb webcam to it to test.

    To reset settings, delete/rename the Easyslidesdata folder, uninstall and then re-install easyslides 5. Easyslides 5 will ask if you wish to convert or create a blank Easyslidesdata – you can choose either.

    2. Transparent background – There are some colour bleeding under certain circumstances. It can’t be fixed as it is .NET related. However, you can change your chroma colour to something like RGB (14,14,14) which is dark and so when text overlays on top, the colour bleed should be largely eliminated.

    3. Keyboard shortcut – You must be using single monitor mode because it is not possible to navigate in dual monitor from the live screen. Navigation is not replicated by design since you are using a single monitor. However, your issue raised a good point for systems which may use other monitors as confidence monitor instead of dual screen. Therefore, I have added the feature to the next version 5.0.1 so that navigation is replicated to the confidence monitor in single monitor mode. Hope this will help.


    Thanks wk!

    For 1, I’ve tried it with my laptop also. It works for the built-in camera, but not my USB webcams. They are quite old webcams (Logitech C310 and C920), so that could be the problem…I’ll see what other tests I can run and let you know my results.

    Noted re 2 and 3 (and yes, I am using single monitor mode at the moment).

    Thanks and I appreciate all the helpful pointers!

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