Holy Bibles

The following public domain Bibles are available for use in EasiSlides.

Note: All these Bible files are held in a self-extracting zip format and therefore Windows may bring up a security alert when you execute them. Easyslides does not contain any deliberate spyware or malicious code. However, it’s always good practice for you to use the latest version of an anti-virus software to check all files downloaded from the Internet.

1. Default Holy Bibles
Size: 9.0MB
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There are a number of Holy Bible versions formatted for use in EasiSlides. The following 5 Bibles are zipped into one self-extracting file for easy distribution:-

  • King James Version
  • Chinese Union (Simplified)
  • American Standard Version
  • Revised Standard Version

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2. Additional Public Domain Bibles

Below are additional Public Domain Bibles in other languages, as provided by users of EasiSlides. Each are around 2MB in size. (Date Bible made available on this website are in brackets)

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