Instructions for Downloading and Installing the EasiSlides Software

  1. To Download the EasiSlides Software:
    • Visit the EasiSlides website and click on the Donwload button to open the Download page
    • Click the “Step 2 Download Now Link” to start the download of the software
    • After a short while, the “File Download” window will appear. Select the Save option
    • When the “Save As” window appears, type in where you want to save the software to. The filename is called EasiSlidesSetup4_405.msi.
    • Please note the location you have chosen to save the software to
    • Click the Save button and the software will start to download
  2. To Install the software after the Download:
    • When the download is finished, go to the location where you had saved the software to
    • Use mouse to double-click on the downloaded software file: EasiSlidesSetup4_405
    • If you get an error like “Installation Package could not be opened” then you will need to download the latest Windows Installer from Microsoft
    • You may get a security message about unknown publisher details. You can safely click run to proceed with the installation
    • When Welcome Window opens, click Next
    • Change the installation folder if so desired when prompted but it is recommended you do not change it. Click Next
    • Click Next to start installation
    • Setup will install the files and when completed, Click Finish to close the Window
    • Once the download is complete, Start EasiSlides by clicking on the “Start EasiSlides” icon on your Windows Desktop
    • When EasiSlides starts, it will ask you if you want to install the New database. Click YES if you want to install it or No to continue using your existing database. If you opted to install the New Database, your existing database, if any, will be renamed as a backup for you