Instructions for Downloading Default Holy Bibles

  1. Download the Holy Bibles Zip File:
    • At the Easyslides website visit the Bibles page, and then click on the “1 Default Holy Bibles  – Download Now button” to download of the self-extracting Holy Bibles zip file.
    • After a short while, the “File Download” window will appear. Select the Save option.
    • When the “Save As” window appears, type in where you want to save the file to. The download filename is called ES-HolyBibles.exe.
    • Please note the location you have chosen to save the file to
    • Click the Save button and the file will start to download.
  2. To run the Zip file:
    • When the download is finished, go to the location where you have saved the file to
    • Use mouse to double-click on the downloaded file: ES-HolyBibles.exe
    • When WinZip opens, click Unzip
    • The Holy Bibles will be automatically extracted to C:\EasiSlides\HolyBibles
    • After you have installed EasiSlides, start EasiSlides and go to View->Options
    • Click on the Bibles tab and Use Search and Add to install the Bibles into EasiSlides. Please refer to the Help Files in EasiSlides for further information on Bible Settings