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      1) I don’t see a way to make the program look for another location of the you want to move it from the computer to a NAS there is no way to do this except delete the path to the existing database. Would like to see a “browse” location box. Also an box asking if you want to make a database rather than just doing it if one isn’t available. Because if someone clicks on the making it’s own database it’s terrible trying to get it to go to the correct location without jumping through hoops and renaming, ect….

      2)An option of weather to have “scenery” open in the “preview” area…some people like me don’t use this function.

      3)Also option on having the “player” option in the live show area. Again some people like me don’t use this function.

      other things I don’t see how to fix…

      “Chorus” word not showing up in the preview area like verse number 1, 2..ect. Just has indention of chorus words all moved over one space. does not list it as chorus.

      “Apply to all except infoScreens” does not exist in the “setting” tab in the preview area. we don’t use “individual” settings and we can’t make changes for “all” like this.

      My biggest gripe is the database locator….should be able to point to where you want your database to be or if you have to relocate it or if for some reason it doesn’t show up….ask where to find it with a browse location “choose/box” line without automatically making it’s own!

      not trying to be mean just wanting some help and options…

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      Wai Kuen Mo ….no comment?

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      W K Mo

      Darth, with regards to “Apply to all except…” if you are referring to setting a default video/image for the background then you will find what you are after in the manage worship lists (button to the left of the Add to worship list Down arrow).

      Pick your required worship list from the top window and then choose Media in the Default settings below.

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      Wai Kuen Mo can you comment on the Database location options and the other concerns that I have asked in the original post here?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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