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    Jim B

    Our church has been a user of Easislides for many years (v4.02) & I used to be a member on the old site & forum.
    I was starting to think Easyslides & development of the software was no more, which was a shame. but just came across the new site & v5 beta today…excellent so pleased to see this brilliant piece of software is getting developed again. many thanks to Wai Kuen Mo & the team who are behind it, its great you are still here.

    I’ve had a quick play with beta3 & I do like the look of the new GUI, especailly like the media player popup in the Live area for videos & mp3s.

    I have however found some bugs (i think), I’ve had a look through the other reports & cannot find these ones.
    In our v4 set up we have a song folder “Tracks for Communion”, every song in the folder is associated with an mp3/4, so that the track plays automatically with the words, but we have also spent a lot of time using the “Sequence” tool in the editor (under the “Rotate Style”) to automate the changing of the slides/words in time with the mp3/4.
    this has enabled us to display one line at a time or build the lines (line 1, line 2, line 3, etc) fitting around or in a background image/video.
    It can take a lot of time & patience to do, but well worth it & the operator can participate in communion.
    In beta 3 I tested a couple of these tracks, the track played, but the words didn’t show or sequence! I opened one song in editor to check if the sequence timings were still there in the new DB, they were, but I’ve found 2 things wrong in each song =:
    1, the ‘sequence’ doesn’t recognise some of the ‘verse’ options & replaces them with a number:
    Prechorus now = 111
    Chorus2 now = 102
    Bridge now = 100
    ending now = 101
    I think these are the values in the xml under ‘settings’
    this in turn has caused;
    2, as the ‘sequence’ doesn’t recogonise the ‘verse’ option it has removed it from the saved timings, therefore corrupting the timings.
    I can re-add the verse headings into the sequence, but the timings are still lost & would have to rebuild the timings
    I rebuilt one song & it now works.
    As another test I exported one song as an xml from v4 & imported it into beta3, but same result.

    2 other bugs (I think);
    <#> at the end of a song title (for associated mp3s) – it now only displays the <#> at the end of a song title in the worship list, BUT not in the library/folder list.
    Song editor – ‘verses’ used to be in red, they stood out more when we were checking through them, is it possible to put it back to red?

    many thanks Jim

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