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      Using EasyWorship 6 I can project the laptop 9×16 desktop to the secondary screen and it fits the 3×4 screen perfectly. However when I ‘Go live’ with EasyWorship the output screen is chopped off and all over the place. I have managed to adjust the top, bottom and margins settings to get it sort of readable but I really need some advice on how to return the settings to their default mode so that there EasyWorship output matches the screen size. Could you give me some pointers? I have shown a movie clip today direct from the web browser to the screen using the ‘Duplicate’ screens setting (not EasyWorship) and it was spot on, so I’m pretty sure the projector’s OK – it just seems the EasyWorship output isn’t! Any help would be most welcome!

      Any help will be apprecited.

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      Thank you.

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