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      Wai Kuen Mo

      When you find a bug, or a possible bug, in Easyslides 5 Beta, please create a new topic under this forum providing detail and any temporary workarounds you may have found. Thanks.

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      Hello everyone! God Bless Siblings!!
      I am having any problems with all EasySlides Versions!
      In this version 5 beta, doesen’t works on my computer!
      when I click on icon for run this program, it write one mensage
      on my display: ” the index was out for the limit of matriz”
      or like this “the index was outside the boundaries of the matrix” my version is in portuguese!
      My computer is a notebook Lenovo G40-70 core i3, 6gb ram, with windows 10 SL 1703 portuguese on SSD Kingston 240GB!
      Please Help -me
      Sorry for all mistake in my english write.

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      Congratulations for the excellent work!

      I conducted some tests on v5 and saw that the monitor of letters does not obey the colors which is placed and the size of the letters also does not work correctly.

      Current item remains in the same verse, from the main screen.

      I wonder if the net cast can be used in a browser, such as Mozilla or internet Explorer instance by typing the address of the server in the browser.

      One suggestion was to put brightness adjustment in background images and an image for stanza for best presentation

      God bless

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      Anyone has the problem using Psalms 119 in Beta 5. It cannot be displayed. Every chapter is good except 119. Please help!

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      Hi, may I know if I can participate in development, or fork on an open source to increase the pace of development? If possible, please contact me via email. Thanks.

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      Good Morning, I was running Beta5.2, which was working on my Notebook, and this morning discovered the newer version Beta5.3. Following the install of Beta5.3 I tried running the program, and an error message appears, “Sting was not recognised as a valid TimeSpan.” and the program halts and does not load.

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      In Easislides 4 using song numbering put the songs in the order of the song number. In the Beta it still keeps it in alphabetical oder…making using the song numbering kind of useless.

      Also, the “Do not show Display Panel Data” does not work in songs. But in other folders such as the Bible Maps Folder I made, I have made slide with Bible maps that I have assigned a map picture to each slide. But when I click the “Do not show Display Panel Data” button it takes away my map but leave the panel data still.

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      cannot run this program (Easislides 5 beta3)
      error report pic

      my PC info:
      windows 10 64 bit
      .NET is installed

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      V5 beta 3
      search for chinese is not good.
      i can’t use chinese input unto the search input box

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      video background cannot align upward

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