Installing Easyslides v5 and importing lyrics, etc. from portable EasiSlides v4

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      NOTE: This assumes the folder “C:\EasiSlides” does not exist on your PC. If it does, and you don’t want to use the version of lyrics, etc. it contains, reply to this post for additional instructions.

      To upgrade from portable EasiSlides v4 to non-portable Easyslides v5, try the following:
      1. On the root of your C: drive, create a folder called “EasiSlides”. If it is already there see the note at the top of this post.
      2. From the folder containing your portable version of EasiSlides, open the “EasiSlidesData” folder and copy the folders in there (mine are “Admin”, “Documents”, “HolyBibles”, “Images”, “InfoScreens”, “Media” and “Powerpoint”) to the “C:\EasiSlides” folder you have just created.
      3. Install Easyslides v5. It should pick up and convert the necessary files.

      If you have already installed Easyslides v5 but still want to pick up the files from your portable version, you can do the following after completing the steps above:
      1. Quit out of Easyslides v5.
      2. Go to the appdata local folder. It is usually hidden in Windows but you can type %localappdata% in Windows search box and access it. You will see an EasySlides folder there. Delete it. (It is used by Easyslides to store the location of the EasyslidesData folder).
      3. Delete or rename your new EasyslidesData folder to something else.
      4. Now start Easyslides 5. Since above 2 and 3 folders have been deleted/renamed, but the original EasiSlides v4 folder (at c:\EasiSlides) is present, Easyslides v5 will assume it is a migration and will attempt the upgrade again.

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