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      Wai Kuen Mo

      Use this forum to discuss about installation and use of Easyslides 5 beta. Create a new topic as appropriate.

      Bug report and language translations matters should NOT be entered here. There is a “Report A Bug” forum and a “Language Translations” forum for those matters.

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      From ES website:-
      “you have lyrics (in Easyslides XML format), or Bibles (in Easyslides, Zefania, or Open Song format) and wish to share them with other Easyslides users, you can easily do so by formatting a webpage with the download links on your website, and add a specific Easyslides coding to the HTML. You can then send the URL of that webpage to another Easyslides user. That user can then paste in your supplied URL within Easyslides and import the Lyrics and Bibles directly into Easyslides”.

      • Please what are/is the specific ES coding to be added to the HTML?
      • can the links be formatted as an ordered/UN-ordered list, paragraph or just a line break list.
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      Wai Kuen Mo

      Hi boluak

      1. Edit your webpage, doesn’t matter which CMS, WordPress, Joomla, etc, or if dynamic or static page
      2. Change to text editing (not visual or wysiwyg) and type something similar to the following:-

      <!--easyslidesbibles Online Bibles for Use in Easyslides-->
      <h3>Easyslides Bibles for Download</h3>
      <a href="">King James Version</a>
      <a href="">American Standard</a>

      The first line starting the comment <!--easyslidesbibles will let easyslides 5 know that it is for listing bibles. The words following it on the first line will be displayed inside easyslides as heading. End the heading with -->
      The second line is optional for your actual webpage display
      The last line <!--easyslidesend--> lets easyslides 5 know it is the end of the listing.
      In between those is standard HTML code for listing the Bibles which will render normally in a browser but which easyslides will extract and display under Settings->Holy Bibles->Add Bible->Online

      So if you want to share easyslides bibles, just copy the above code and replace the href entries with your own, in your webpage. Upload your bibles (zipped or XML format) to the correct location, as referenced by the href. Then publish your webpage URL which users can cut and paste in for use in easyslides under Settings->Holy Bibles->Add Bible->Online, eg the easyslides one is

      The above code pattern can be repeating on the same webpage many times. Easyslides will display each pattern as separate sections headed by the comments on line 1 of each pattern.

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      I don’t know how to use countdown clock.
      1. Could it set ‘second’?
      2. I set countdown 1 minutes, but it shows 12:20:50!?

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      Wai Kuen Mo

      The countdown is based on countdown to an actual time.

      As an example, say you have a church service at 11am. You can set preset time 1 to 11:00 and tick the radio button 1. When you then click on Clock 1, the time displayed will be a countdown from now until 11am. Basically, the countdown will countdown to zero at 11am.

      The 3 clocks are for setting 3 different formats of your choice. The 3 countdown options are for quick access to different church service times a church may have.

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      Thank you! i will try it.
      another question..
      when i play with screen monkey, lyric cannot on the top.
      would you help us to solve it?

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        Wai Kuen Mo

        I have made some changes for the upcoming Beta 3. Hope that resolves the issue.

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      I can not migrate the bibles and song lyrics, installed and uninstalled several times and the migration was not performed. Could you create a menu for migrating bibles and music from version 4 to 5Beta?

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      Wai Kuen Mo

      Sorry to hear about your migration problem. Some migration issues were reported which 5Beta3 should resolve. Can you explain what your particular installation issues are?

      If you want you can zip your c:\easislides folder and send to me ( If the files are large, you can send to me via onedrive/dropbox/etc.

      If you want to manually migrate you can do the following to migrate current data:-
      1. In easislides v4 use Tools->Export to export all your lyrics to XML output file(s).
      2. Start Easyslides 5Beta2 and use Tools->Import to import the XML file into Easyslides 5.
      3. To migrate the Bibles, in Easyslides 5Beta2, go to Settings->Holy Bibles->
      4. Click the Add Bible tab.
      5. Click the folder icon at “Local” (beside the “Add”) and navigategate to: C:\EasiSlides\HolyBibles. Change the filter XML Bibles to “All Files”
      6. Select the Bible you want (you will have to do this one at a time) and click “Open”.
      7. Now click “Add”.
      8. Repeat above steps 4-7 for all the Bibles you want to migrate.
      9. After you have added all your Bibles, you must click OK at the “Manage Holy Bible” Form.

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