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    Wai Kuen Mo

    Install Easyslides v5 Beta 3
    (14th September 2017)

    Install and Upgrade from Easislides v4.04, 4.05, 4.10beta:
    1. The download is at:
    2. Once the file is downloaded, run it to install easyslides v5 beta 3.
    3. The beta requires .NET 4.6 and therefore Windows may prompt you to download .NET v4.6 when you install the software.
    4. The installation will create a shortcut on your desktop. Double-click it to start easyslides v5beta3.
    5. When run for the first time the beta will copy and convert data from your existing easislides v4 but will keep v4 intact. You can therefore run both v4 and v5beta at the same time, on the same machine, independently of each other.
    6. Depending on the spec of your computer, the number of bibles and the amount of lyrics in v4, running the beta for the first time will take from a few seconds to a few minutes to complete.
    7. A new data folder called “EasySlidesData” is created in your “Documents” folder.

    Upgrade from Easyslides v5 Beta 2
    if you are currently running Easyslides v5 Beta 2, just install and run Easyslides 5 Beta 3 to upgrade. All your data will be retained.

    Re-Run Upgrade
    If for whatever reason you wish to do the upgrade from v4 to v5 again, you can re-run it by doing the following (provided you haven’t manually deleted the original easislides v4 folder at c:\easislides):-
    1. Quit out of easyslides 5.
    2. Go to the appdata local folder. It is usually hidden in Windows but you can type %localappdata% in Windows search box and access it. You will see a EasySlides folder there. Delete it. (It is used by Easyslides to store the location of the EasyslidesData folder).
    3. Delete or Rename your new EasyslidesData folder to something else.
    4. Run easislides v4 again to make sure v4 is functioning, then quit out of v4.
    5. Now start Easyslides 5. Since above 2 and 3 folders have been deleted/renamed, but the original Easislides v4 folder (at c:\easislides) is still present and functioning, Easyslides v5 will assume it is a migration and will attempt the upgrade again.

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    after installation, can’t open,
    error message:” String was not recognized as a valid timespan.”
    how can i fix it?

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    Known bug.

    Workaround is to go to the time format settings.
    Control Panel->Clock, Language and Region->Change Date/Time or number format->Select a short time and a long time format beginning with a Capital “H”, eg. “H:mm”, not “h:mm”

    Bug will be fixed in Beta 4.

    please look through forum, its not that big. This question has been answered twice before.

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    Rev. Hany Mikhail

    instlation error

    windows 10 64bit

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    Maybe a dumb question but have you tried downloading it again?

    Do you have .NET 4.6 installed?

    Are you running with Administrator rights?

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    I have the same problem
    after installation, can’t open,
    error message:” String was not recognized as a valid timespan.”
    how can i fix it?

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    ” String was not recognized as a valid timespan.” issue is solved, but the problem that russian songs do not shown after adding them to session. Empty name and no text at all.

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    Sorry for postings so many updates, but it seems that the problem with Russian songs is due to the problem with import of songs. Import was done but only some song have lyrics.

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    As a work around/troubleshooting step while waiting for the developer’s comment. Can u export your previous database in xml format then import this into your new installation and see what happens.

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    I have tried to export songs from working Easislides v4 as xml file but it came empty into Easislides v.5.

    The created export file with Russian songs could be imported into v.4 without any problem via xml file.

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    Hi all.
    I have a challenge, I notice that the beta5.3 that I downloaded is for 32bit computer(i downloaded it at work on windows 7 32bit computer) The computer at church is running windows 8 64bit and is not connected to the internet. How do i download a 64 bit beta5.3 from a 32 bit computer. I hope i’m making sense. Thank you.

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