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    Version 5 Beta 3
    Select a few songs and export to xml file. Then import the file on a different PC.
    Check IMPORT and REPLACE existing item. Each song is showed an been imported and replaced. However, when I check the songs, their still have the old content and they have not been updated.

    Work around – If I deleted the songs to be imported from the database, import the xml file, then it works.
    However, if I’ve assigned Song No, then the imported songs will show Song No “-1”. Then if I edit the imported songs and save it, an error will popup “Song Number must be numeric and without spaces”. I have to manually change “-1” to the correct number.

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    Compared with V4, V5 xml file is missing the following:
    <SongNumber />
    <Writer />
    <Notations />
    <Copyright />
    <Category />
    <Timing />
    <MusicKey />
    <LicenceAdmin2 />
    <BookReference />
    <UserReference />
    <Settings />
    <FormatData /> This one is empty in V5 while V4 has data in it.

    As the result, V5 can import V4 file while V4 cannot import V5 file.

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