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      Opened easislides, the picture of easislides pops up for half a second, but the program never loads. Even after waiting for 10 minutes.

      I’m on Windows 8.1 does that affect the program? Is EasiSlides not compatible with windows 8.1 or something? Or is it a file error?

      The program did work last week, but ever since I tried to copy the songs from another laptop into the InfoScreen folder, the program would not start even after I uninstalled and reinstalled it and deleted the files that I had moved into it.

      This is what pops up for half a second then disappears:

      Also the way I tried to move the files is to copy the songs in the English Folder into the InfoScreen folder and copy those files from the InfoScreen folder into a usb which I then transferred into this laptop and put into the InfoScreen folder on this laptops EasiSlides folder. (I have deleted these files from the EasiSlides folder already, and have uninstalled and reinstalled the program).

Viewing 0 reply threads
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