Display screen only covers about 60% of screen

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    I’m sure this is easy to fix but could someone please advise me on how I can ensure that when I project live the projection covers the whole screen and does not reveal anything of the desktop screen?

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    You didn’t give enough information.
    Are you using a second screen for the projection and what type?
    pls check the screen resolution of your projection screen.
    Make sure that you are not using custom screen settings under monitors in general settings.
    The Lord bless you.

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    I have no problem with powerpoint. When I go into display is projects and picture fills the whole screen on the wall. When I go live on easy slides. The song display screen only covers as I said about 60% of the picture projected onto the wall. The rest of thee image on the wall just reveals deskop bacground image. I have checked that I am not using custom settings. Any other thoughts you may have are very welcome. We worship this evening at 5pm swedish time! Blessings

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    Ok. Try custom settings then.
    1. from general settings, live screen page
    2. Choose primary monitor
    3. Click on the red question mark. This will show u your primary monitor config. Pls write it down.
    4. Find out your projection screen resolution. E.g 1920 x 1080
    5. Now choose custom settings.
    6. On the custom settings, set
    Top =0
    Left = your primary monitor width,
    Width= your projector width e.g 1920
    height= your projector height. E.g 1080
    Play around with this settings changing the values until u get what y want.
    Hope u get this on time.

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    I too am having the same problem. I followed the answer given above by setting the secondary monitor to custom settings. I set the top, left and width values from my system, but although I want to set height to 800, the value automatically sets itself to 960 (dependant on the set width) and is greyed out so that I cannot reduce the height.
    How can I set the height? As set the projected view cuts off the bottom of the picture.

    Thanks, in advance

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    Rob M

    I have a similar problem but the output slide is not all fitting onto my projection, so edges of slide are not showing

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