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      I am running version 4.0.5 in Windows 10. I have 2 monitors and all the other software on my computer can display to the second monitor without issues. EasySlides seems to have issues connecting to the second display and will only show on the primary monitor. This happens even if I launch the software on the second monitor and then go “Live”. Under the “Monitors” tab I only see: “Primary Monitor (Single Monitor)” and “Secondary Monitor 1”. I have tried compatibility modes and none seem to work. Any ideas?

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      W K Mo

      You will need to use the custom positioning for the output screen. Check windows for the screen size and positioning of your screens. Assuming your screens are side by side with the primary (1) on the left and secondary (2) on the right and you want to project onto secondary and (1) is 1920×1080 and (2) is 1024×768.

      Set Live Output Monitor to Custom and set Top = 0 Left = 1920 Width = 1024 Height = 768

      We needed to use custom most of the time with v4 but it seems to fixed in v5

      We have a card which can output to 3 screens and we have:

      | Lyrics Monitor 1920×1080 | Operator Screen 1366×768 | Live Output Screen 1024×768 |

      and we had the monitor page set to:
      Live Output
      Top = 0 Width = 1024
      Left = 1366 Height = 768

      Lyrics Output
      Top = 0 Width = 1920
      Left = -1920 Height = 1080

      Hope the explanation and example makes sense.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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