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    Wai Kuen Mo

    Easislides 4.0.4 and 4.0.5 have been around about nearer 10 years and has been downloaded 800,000+ times during that period.

    Use this forum to discuss or ask questions about v4.

    Wai Kuen Mo

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    Would like to know how to do to save a projection (presentation) and put on another pc, sending the file through e-mail or pen drive??

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      Wai Kuen Mo

      Hi Marcone

      With the current v4 you will have to copy the whole c:\easisldies folder before you can use a worship list you had prepared on another PC. This is because easislides uses internal database unique IDs to reference songs, and the easislides database on different machines will use different song IDs, hence it won’t find the right lyrics.

      With v5beta, internal IDs have been removed. All lyrics are now identified by:-
      1. The lyrics database name
      2. The lyrics title
      3. The lyrics author

      All easyslides database songs you saved on a worship list will use the above information. The worship list is saved within your user documents folder at EasySlidesData\Admin\WorshipLists\. You can copy the appropriate worship list to the same location in your destination easyslides PC. When easyslides uses that worship list, it will look up the correct lyrics on the destination pc if it has the same lyrics database name, lyrics title and lyrics author for each item.

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      Thank you very much, I shall use the v5 with the new working tools God bless

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