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    Hi WK,
    I liek the sound of the ability to Publish Schedule for others to use, some questions before I register & try it out.
    i’m thinking of using it more as a way to create a schedule on one PC (at home) & then send it to the one at church, so we don’t have to add everything twice.
    1. Does it publish everything in a schedule? – song words, Bible verses, Infoscreens, videos, etc
    2. Will it include the “settings” that have been made on items in the schedule?
    3. What if the schedule includes a new Song, Infoscreen or media item (video), are these picked up? or would a seaprate xml file (& media file/s) need to be sent via another means (email, dropbox, memory stick)?
    4. Is it secure?

    Hope you can help with those questions.


    Hi again,
    I’ve just watched the Youtube video on Publishing a Schedule & realised its not the type of tool I thought it was!
    Still sounds very useful though, especially at this time.
    If you do have any ideas for what I want to do, thta would be great


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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