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    cjk problem I have processed


    In the latest beta, there is an option for relocating the EasyslidesData folder. That would solve your problem. (may you have to re-download the installfiles)

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    Hi SongWai:-

    1. media folder is indepandent for different users and cannot be changed
    -Each user’s media path will be different.
    usera will be:
    userb will be:

    2. the database is independent for different users (How to point to the NAS database)
    -If you want to use EasyslidesFolder on a NAS then use tools->relocate easyslides data folder to copy to the new NAS Location.
    For other users, rename their easyslidesdata folder to something else. When easyslides starts, it can’t find the old location and will ask for the easyslidesfolder location – you then enter the NAS location.

    3. sort by cjk word count has some problem. on my database ,there are 2 songs is wrong order.
    -If the title has a mixture of numbers, symbols, brackets, English then the CJK wordcount will be affected.

    Another suggestion: This blog is very unfriendly to copy and paste images. Maybe better if use WordPress :)
    -This is actually running wordpress but using forum software which us better for support and posting of topics/issues. I have to disable image upload to stop diskspace usage. That’s why no one can upload image.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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