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    Hi, it’s me again, I thank you so much for your great works! I’ve been using Easyslide for years and still loving it and you always spending your time and anything for this software for free, May God Bless you always.
    Now my church also focusing and live streaming and Easyslide can support me for reaching these goals. My goals is to serve without having so much effort and can be operated even with one person only, and now we can. I use the feature on easyslide which can sending direcly subtitle to OBS so with one person can give display onsite display projector and also live streaming without having double works on the song and anything else.
    For this I use stage display with custom sized and settings later then I captured it with OBS and seting the chroma key, I dont know if this is the correct thing or you created this feature for that purpose I dont know but it works.
    Now I hope we can give more better looks on subtitles so I hope we can add like backgorund on it which can sized automaticaly depends on text height and also color formatting or even font formating on each text ( eg: for heading text or someting ), hope we can makes this much better. Thankyou


    We are using this feature constantly: Our setup is a bit different: we use 3 camera’s and also a video switcher For the switcher EasySlides functiones as camera 4 and 5: The normal live screen and a subtitle screen on green background.
    The colour of the background can de determined by a colorpicker or look on the internet for the color code of the choosen color (see https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Colors_in_the_VCL). This value can be entered in the switcher in order to exclude every pixel with this colr of the merged stream (Live and our subtitles). You absolutrly can’t tell the difference 😉
    During the service we use most of the time a black background, which can be merged with e.g. the hands of the organ player or subtitiles during the readings and band. We experimented with outline(thickniss setting) of the font, which actually is an inline mechanism( : The white part becomes smaller), but so far the Arial black font, bold is the best readable.
    The results can be viewed on Youtube, look for “westerkerk ermelo” and pick one sample under videos.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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