Update on EasySlides 5 Beta 2

Final enhancements and bug fixing is taking more time than I expected. Even though the version is a beta, I want to ensure the software is working with minimal bugs before it is released. Therefore I am going to delay the release the software for two weeks, and shall now aim to release Easyslides v5 Beta 2 sometime on Monday 14th August 2017. Apologies to those of you who have been waiting for this beta.

Just to remind everyone that this is a Beta software and therefore it is best not to use it in a LIVE environment, as you don’t want any major issues to arise during the middle of worship of our God!

My thanks to the many of you who have emailed me recently with suggestions, words of encouragement, and offer of assistance to translate the language interface. I am in the process of adding some of those suggestions to the beta.

Some special enhancements to be introduced:-

  • Import of additional online Bibles and lyrics (where available) can be done directly within Easyslides, ie. no need to go to website via browser to download, extract, etc.
  • If you have lyrics (in Easyslides XML format), or Bibles (in Easyslides, Zefania, or Open Song format) and wish to share them with other Easyslides users, you can easily do so by formatting a webpage with the download links on your website, and add a specific Easyslides coding to the HTML.  You can then send the URL of that webpage to another Easyslides user. That user can then paste in your supplied URL within Easyslides and import the Lyrics and Bibles directly into Easyslides.
  • Bible passage lookup is made much easier. Just enter the first few characters of the book, eg. 1 Pe, and Easyslides will load the book 1 Peter. If you type 1 Pet 2, Easyslides will automatically highlight 1 Peter chapter 2, ready for you to add to Worship List, or go LIVE.  You can go further by typing 1 Pe 2:2-4 and Easyslides shall automatically highlight the passage 1 Peter 2:2-4 for you to go LIVE.
  • Diacritics will be stored with its normalised equivalent.  For example, if you had saved the song with the lyrics “Blessèd”, a search for the normalised equivalent “Blessed” will find that diacritic version in the results.
  • For the clock and countdown feature, you can format a lyrics, or an infoscreen with contents such as “The Service will start in [time 11:00]”. The live display will show the full text but will substitute “[time 11:00]” with a countdown to 11am. Or simply, if the text was “The time is [time]”, the live display will show the text but will substitute “[time]” with the current time.
  • To assist the above feature, you can force a paragraph text to fit in the same page (reducing font size as appropriate) in individual settings, rather than auto-spliting into a series of pages. Previously this option can only be applied globally for all items.
  • Individual song Lyrics displayed in the the Main Easyslides Window will now indent chorus and bridge lyrics to make them easier to distinguish from the normal verses.

Thank you for your continuing interest in Easyslides!

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