Easyslides v5 beta 2 ready

I am happy to announce that Easyslides v5 beta 2 is now available for download here.


  1. The beta requires .NET 4.6 and therefore Windows may prompt you to download .NET v4.6 when you install the software.
  2. The installation will create a shortcut on your desktop. Double-click it to start easyslides v5beta2.
  3. When run for the first time the beta will copy and convert data from your existing easislides v4 but will keep v4 intact. You can therefore run both v4 and v5beta at the same time, on the same machine, independently of each other.
  4. Depending on the spec of your computer, the number of bibles and the amount of lyrics in v4, running the beta for the first time will take from a few seconds to a few minutes to complete.
  5. A new data folder called “EasySlidesData” is created in your “Documents” folder.
  6. An example frontpage for clock countdown is included under “frontpage” bottom right output panel.
  7. Netcast should be used carefully as it depends on your private network traffic and the system has not been thoroughly tested in a busy environment.
  8. The online option for importing lyrics and adding Bibles will point to the easyslides website. You can go to Zefania and OpenSong via your browser and download additional Bibles for use in easyslides.
  9. For technical reasons, this beta DOES NOT support Powerpoint.
  10. A forum will be set up shortly for users to feedback and report problems.

Technical details:

  1. Bibles will be copied and converted to XML format
  2. Lyrics will be copied and converted to SQLite database format
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