Some Features of EasySlides 5 Beta 2

Still on course for release of EasySlides 5 Beta 2 by 31st July 2017.  A lot of the internals of EasySlides have been re-written and hence the long delay in getting this version ready.  Some of the new features are:-

  • Ability to use Zefania and OpenSong Bibles
  • Netcasting of EasySlides Live slides (Server) to other Windows PCs/tablets (Clients) on the same LAN (Wifi/Ethernet)
  • Messaging between Server and Clients
  • Display Clock and Countdown Timer
  • Quick Bible lookup, and adhoc advance on verses
  • Different aspect ratios supported, eg 4:3, 16:9, etc.
  • Easier import of Bibles and Lyrics
  • Multi-lingual UI allowing you to see menus, etc. in your own language (volunteers required for the translations!)

And EasySlides continues:

  • to be able to display two languages at the same time (for dual-language services)
  • to display lyrics, text with static or moving backgrounds
  • to show alert messages on screen
  • to have instant switching between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese when using Chinese texts

Best of all, EasySlides continues to be FREE for all Christians to use in their Christian worship!

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