Deletion of User Accounts and Archiving of Forums

The website will be undergoing some changes in preparation for the introduction of Easyslides v5 for Windows and Easyslides v1 for Android later this year. The new versions of Easyslides will have new functionality integrated with the easyslides website which is incompatible with existing user accounts. All current user accounts will therefore have to be removed and users will need to re-register for a new account at

The following actions will take place at

1. Registration for new accounts has been suspended with immediate effect.
2. Easyslides forum topics and posts have been closed and will be available for read-only purposes.
3. All registered user accounts at will be deleted permanently from 12th January 2020.
4. New user registrations will be introduced later in 2020.
5. New online forum will become available later in 2020.

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